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The quality of representation provided to you in divorces and other family law issues can be the biggest factor in obtaining fair, speedy results. While the first goal in any divorce or family law dispute should always be attempting to reach a compromise between the parties, the fact remains that there are situations when what you need is an advocate to fight for what you deserve and not back down until a just resolution is reached. The Law Firm of Jared N. Lyles, P.C. handles the following issues concerning family law:

  • Contested Divorces and Uncontested Divorces
  • Child Custody Disputes
  • Child Support Disputes
  • Child Support Collection
  • Modification and Enforcement of Existing Divorce / Custody / Support Court Orders

In Alabama, there are two types of divorces: contested and uncontested. A contested divorce is required when the parties are not able to reach an agreement concerning issues such as possession of real and personal property, child custody and child custody. Obviously, when the parties can reach an agreement regarding these issues, only an uncontested divorce is required. There may be issues left to resolve, but in an uncontested divorce the provisions of the divorce are decided by the parties, not the courts. The law firm of Jared N. Lyles, P.C. is prepared to handle your divorce whatever your specific situation may be. Regardless of whether you desire an uncontested divorce and simply need someone to aid in working out a fair agreement or whether the time for agreements has assed and you need someone to fight for you, we are prepared to stand with you through the difficult process of divorce and ensure that you are protected throughout the process.

Often times it is just as important to be able to enforce Court Orders as it was to establish your rights during the divorce in the first place. It also may become necessary to modify certain terms of your divorce due to changes in your life. The Law Firm of Jared N. Lyles, P.C. can also handle any other family law issues that you may have including, but not limited to, Child Custody Disputes, Child Support Disputes, Child Support Collection and Modification and Enforcement of Existing Divorce, Custody or Child Support Court Orders.

Please contact us today if we can assist you in any way with your divorce or other family law matters.

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The quality of representation provided to you in divorces and other family law issues can be the biggest factor in obtaining fair...

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